accueil Be Charity

It all started in 2007 when Thibaut Deckers, the current president of the association, decided to take up the challenge to run 87km on the Mont Blanc in less than 24 hours.

Thibaut saw this not only as an athletic challenge, but also as an opportunity to give a charitable dimension to the event. To this end he created a blog to raise funds from sponsors who paid by the kilometer.

At the same time, his mother, Martine Verhaegen, a child care specialist, went on a trip to Kinshasa and returned with the idea of ​​submitting a new project to the European Commission, one to build a shelter for orphans in Kinshasa.

Unfortunately this project did not go through, but Thibaut took the chance and decided to organize the first Black & White charity dinner and to create the nonprofit association Be Charity in order to officially support the construction of the orphanage.

The association Be Charity asbl was established on 17 April 2008 at the initiative of its four founders: Isabelle Deckers, Martine Verhaegen, Christophe Van Melckebeke and Thibaut Deckers, whose profiles are different but complementary and which share common  values ​​and beliefs. Isabelle Hamel and Nathalie Watticant joined the association in 2012.

Because we all believe that everyone can make a difference, we welcome your interest and support of the cause of Be Charity, focused on aid to disadvantaged children.